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Activity Discussion General Discussion Time table Reply To: Time table

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 3, 2021 at 9:29 pm
    Not Helpful

    Time is a precious thing in everyone’s life. So that to utilise maximum time as worthy is our duty. Some people destroys their time with useless activities. But others use their time as worthy. Time table is helpful to manage time. But time table doesn’t means that it is only for the students. It is for all who wishes to have a time management system. The workers, house wives, etc have their own time table. By leads a life with a good time table for three or four months then we are used to it. At the first time we sets alarm for wake up but while we used to it we don’t need alarm to wake up in our daily time. This is based on who we trained our mind for our goal or wish.

    Students make time table based on their studies. Every time table are different from each other. Because no one are similar. They have their own talent. Some students are efficient in calculation other won’t. So they took more time to clear their weaker sections. By having a proper time table system the students get more marks in their exams. And they don’t take more work during the exam time. Because they take the notes daily.

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