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Activity Discussion Essay Imagine a day in your life. Reply To: Imagine a day in your life.

  • Kumari

    June 3, 2021 at 9:56 pm
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    According to me life is going to change a lot after this pandemic. People will start respecting and protecting the environment and resources . In the pandemic we got to learn what are the actual necessities of our lives. No ,they are not partying and shopping and branded phones and macbook but they area shelter,food,clothes ,medical services and the most important “Oxygen”. Maybe people with start
    realising this and try to save money for these things and not for just branded useless stuffs. As we say “
    Crisis gives rise to new opportunities” this is proved as now we have a more digitally upgraded educational sector , upgraded healthcare sector and many more
    things which will surely be beneficially to us in the future. Our respected prim minister shri NarendraModi gave us a title to be “Self sufficient” and as a
    result today we have vaccines which our manufactured in our own country. I am sure in future peoplewon’t have to go to abroad for there treatments of
    disease such as cancer,tuberculosis etc and our fully upgraded health system will surely be able to treat them well.Definitely theses factors have made us abit more confident, motivated and our trust on our scientists and doctors have been increased.
    If we try to see at the positive side many people got time to spend with there families and I m sure they would have enjoyed alot and will definitely
    like to come and meet there familiea even after the pandemic.
    After the pandemic gets over I am sure people will start taking care of there health by doing yoga and exercises as now we are full aware of its value. Earlier for as of now people believed living an unhealthy lifestyle and then going to a doctor but after this pandemic people will start living a healthy lifestyle
    and try to avoid the activites that cancelled them any minor or severe disease.People will develop and accept the habbit of wearing a mask full time which is a very healthy habit. People will start concentrating on healthy food and not the junk ones which are just good for taste and has no nutritional value.
    People will surely start respecting and caring people around them, their families, loved ones as this pandemic taught us who are the ones who are
    important for our survival and who are the ones who are just with us for there needs.
    In digital world we also we got to learn that not all
    social media forwards are authentic and it is very important to cross check the facts before trusting.

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