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Activity Discussion Environment Why do sea have different colours? Reply To: Why do sea have different colours?

  • Shivani

    June 4, 2021 at 8:37 am
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    When sunlight strikes the ocean, it interacts with water molecules and can penetrate or disperse. When there is nothing in the water other than water molecules, light waves of short energy may strike something and then disperse, making the ocean look blue. The long, red parts of the sunlight, meanwhile, are placed near the surface.

    The depth and depth of the ocean also have an effect on whether the surface appears as dark blue, as in some parts of the Atlantic, or as sapphire-like radiation spreads in tropical areas. “In Greece, the water has a beautiful green color because below it can be white sand or white stones,” Feldman explained. “What happens is the light goes down and the blue goes down, it hits the ground and it shows back to make this beautiful blue color in the water.”

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