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Activity Discussion General Discussion State the importance of virtual platforms like zoom and google meet. Reply To: State the importance of virtual platforms like zoom and google meet.

  • Shweta

    June 4, 2021 at 11:23 am
    Not Helpful

    During the pandemic, covid-19, the usage and the importance of the virtual platforms like video call meetings has been made very important by the people. It is because due to communicable disease, noone is able to meet each other and all the possibility was to meet each other in the video calls.

    As we all know that the works can be postponed but not stopped, especially in the field of education,medical and science etc. Platforms like google meet, cloud, zoom etc. has helped alot in this situation in the field of education.

    The education sector has no doubt stopped and even till today there is a no chance to get it open. Henceforth, the meetings are arranged by the teachers in which the students can join the class and continue their studies. These platforms has helped a lot and because of this we are somehow able to cope up with the studies.

    Even the meetings are arranged by the office people to present themselves,make them understand with their concept and clearings etc. These platforms are very much helpful ashu sitting in our houses we can cope up with everything.

    We should make people acquainted with the platforms so that they can use it as well and find convenience in their works.

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