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Activity Discussion Environment Why is saving water so important? Reply To: Why is saving water so important?

  • Anushree

    June 4, 2021 at 6:51 pm
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    Water is one of the basic requirements without which the living beings cannot survive. Our earth is known as the blue planet because it constitutes of 71% of the water bodies, but the fact is that only a mere 0.03% of water is available as fresh water which can be directly used by living beings for their needs other 99.7% of water is either salty water of the see or are solidifies in the form of ice in the ice caps. With water pollution in action the scarcity of water has reached new heights and at this point of time the most necessary thing is to save water.

    There are multiple ways by which we can save water:

    1) Turn off taps when not in use, use a mug to brush teeth and do not leave the tap open during the time of brushing also adopting methods of using a bucket and a mug to bath and avoiding taking showers will help in the same.

    2) Reuse water, use the water used for washing fruits and vegetables to water plants.

    3) Wastes should be treated to make it free from toxic before dumping them into water and mostly the action of dumping wastes in water should avoided.

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