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  • Jyothi krishna

    June 4, 2021 at 7:09 pm
    Not Helpful

    For freedom there is no any dissemination between male and female. Because freedom is equal to everyone. Only the person has the right to live like their own way. Life is only one. So don’t give the chain of our life to others hand. Like the boys enjoyed their life girls too are interested to live their life. Some families doesn’t allow it. They may said that you do all that after the marriage or with the permission of husband. If we asked them why, they said that you are a girl sometimes your future husband won’t like it, or when the family support our intrest to live in our choice later the future husband’s family won’t like it, and you can’t change that character.

    We need our freedom, freedom to choose our career, food, achieve the goal, dress etc. Many of us are loved to have makeup. But we are afraid to get it out. Through this fear the society chained us in their hand. So tries to break the chains.

    But it doesn’t completely means that don’t get much freedom is bad. Sometimes it helps us. Because we are in the way of life. Our parents know the life very well than us. Through their experience they know that which is good and bad. Mostly they don’t accept the things which is affects our life. So before arguing for our freedom, tries to hear the reason behind it.

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