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Activity Discussion Essay Patriarchal society Reply To: Patriarchal society

  • Edutuber

    June 4, 2021 at 9:03 pm
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    Society can be termed into three types

    1 Patriarchal society

    2. Neutral society

    3. Feminist society

    Among these three types of societies , the most accepted form of society is a neutral society. So let’s look inside these three types. In a patriarchal society the society is driven by male domination. Females are never considered primarily . Males would be the head of the family and they would be going to jobs while females stay at home looking after children and house chores. Men would never help in any daily chores. In a neutral society, the society is neither dominated by male nor female. Both of them do the works together. None of them is designated for any specific work. Men would never mind doing house chores while women helps the family by going to job

    In a feminist driven society, the major role of the family is taken by the females. Men would never be considered primarily. In a patriarchal society, jobs will be done with partiality . It is better to have a neutral society as it would never judge the work by gender. Equal payment for equal job.

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