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Activity Discussion Essay Medicines Or excercise Reply To: Medicines Or excercise

  • Edutuber

    June 4, 2021 at 9:45 pm
    Not Helpful

    Both exercises and medicines are vital in one’s life. Exercises help keep one’s body fit and healthy. The extra fat and bad fat inside one’s body gets burned while exercising. Medicines help man revive from diseases . It is always recommended to keep one’s body away from diseases. Exercises are good for our health. Exercise is often considered as an apt method to relieve from daily hurry burry life and it is considered as a stress reliever. One should devote atleast half an hour a day to keep oneself healthy and immune against diseases. Exercise helps in stretching muscles and improving the joint flexibility . But if we get diagnosed with some diseases , we need to rely on medicines. Only the necessary medicines would provide us with relief from diseases. But even though exercising would help in evading many lifestyle diseases and improve the quality of circulation and other body processes. Medicines have some bad effects on the body too using medicines more than necessary may lead to tolerance . Then the body needs more medicine to fight the same disease. ” prevention is better than cure” . Exercises helps us avoid daily injuries too. But exerting more on exercise would only do negative impact.

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