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Activity Discussion General Discussion 5 myths about entrepreneurship. Reply To: 5 myths about entrepreneurship.

  • Kumari

    June 5, 2021 at 12:22 am
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    Myth 1: You Gotta Raise Money To Start Or Grow A Business
    It can be heard a lot by aspiring entrepreneurs about how they need money before they start their business or even early on in the business to keep growing.
    This is one of the biggest myths and a biggest excuse that anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur can have. Someone has a so-called great idea. They start telling people about and people start taking interest into it. They explain there plan and design a model, start selling, get a few customers in a few months and now they want to expand.Start small. Circulate about business as much as you can. Give it time and to gradually grow. Analyze and adjust every detail of your company that needs upgradation You’ll know when you’re really ready to scale.
    Myth 2: You Need To Just Work Hard, Everything Will Workout-
    One needa to work hard and work smartly
    Hard work is a huge variable to success, but if you’re working hard on the wrong things, you simply won’t build a successful business.You won’t build a successful business or brand, by just turning your wheels in the same place. You have to actually be going forward.
    A lot of the time people confuse being busy with being productive.
    Myth 3: Just Build It! They Will Come
    People are not there for you brand waiting to come so they could get it. You will have to make your target audience. Advertise as much as you can . Initially spend money on advertising but make sure to advertise through appropriate media according to your target audience.
    Myth 4: You’ll Be A Multi-Millionaire One Day!
    Being an entrepreneur is hard work and by being practical from the beginning, you’ll be able to have realistic expectations for how successful you’ll be despite the amount of work you put in.
    Not everyone will become a millionaire entrepreneur. In fact, the majority of people won’t even come close.
    Myth 5: Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur
    Not everyone is meant for having there own business. If you have lots of money it doesn’t means you will invest on your idea and become a billionaire. It takes alot of patience, hard work, and smart work which does not happens in just one night.

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