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Activity Discussion Environment Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Sakchi

    June 5, 2021 at 9:16 am
    Not Helpful

    Rainy season is a queen of all seasons. Every one is eagerly waiting for this rainy season. Even animals and plants also loves rainy season. First rain is like rain from heaven only. Rainy season or you can say monsoon generally starts from month of June and lasts upto August.

    Rainy season is very important for our environment as;-

    Give relief from hot

    Before rainy season , we are experiencing summer season . Too much hot , sweating throughout the day . So rainy season provides us relief from summer.

    Plants look fresh and green after rain . Rain removes all the dirts of the leaves and make them appear green .

    Also the underground level of water increases due to rain . It also nourishes the plants and make land free from drought .

    Yes rainy season is really a amazing one but, it is also harmful sometime .

    Excessive rain causes flood and many people get affected of this. Scarcity of food , vegetables etc.

    Drainage system is also get disturbed and water come over entire road and block the transportation. .

    Thus , every coin has its both sides. But rain is very important for our environment.

    Hope you will be satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you!!

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