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  • Shweta

    June 5, 2021 at 11:50 am
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    Though our country has reached to 21st century, but the matter of gender discrimination has been constant. The comparison of men from women cannot be done till now, as because the freedom and the opportunities which are given to men has not been given to women. Till now many people’s thought is such that women cannot match the shoulders of men. The women or girls who try to do such, are not been conceived with good eyes.

    Girls or women are not safe is the reason given by the families to avoid the night duties and night out for the girls whereas the boys and men have the full freedom to go anywhere at anytime. Girls are even now forced to be in the parda whereas men do not have any such kind of restrictions.

    Even if girls are completing their education but it will be depended on her in laws whether she will do a job or not. Girls are being restricted to wear western dresses, whereas there exist no such restrictions on the boys on their wearings. Women and girls need to act accordingly to their husband’s sayings. They need to adjust themselves according to their in-laws.

    It is the women who had faced the systems like sati etc. Never ever such kind of act has been implemented on men. The village area women are not even allowed to come out of their houses. They are forced to be in parda throughout the time if they go anywhere. People’s thought is that according to be a women, a girl should prioritize first to their household and children and not anything. Nothing like a burden has been implemented on men.

    Even now people don’t save girl child and many of them want a boy till now. But at the same time, these people want a women doctor for their wife and a good daughter in law for their son. It should be changed. The change in mentality will lead you to grow.


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