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Activity Discussion Essay How has the pandemic given rise to unemployment? Reply To: How has the pandemic given rise to unemployment?

  • Shweta

    June 5, 2021 at 12:04 pm
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    The pandemic covid-19, being a communicable disease, has been forced to impose a nation’s lockdown in a complete manner. The lockdown in which everything was totally closed and everyone was forced to sit at their homes without any work led to rise in unemployment. The people who used to earn on the daily basis faced many problem and many of them even attempted suicide.

    Unemployment for daily based earners

    These people like auto drivers etc., who used to earn on daily basis, faced unemployment because everything was stopped and they do not have any other option for their employment sector.

    Unemployment for companies

    The producing companies like clothes etc, even faced unemployment because they do not had orders and due to that they had removed many of their workers because the company was not able to pay the wages and salaries. Due to these reasons, the company workers faced unemployment.

    Many people were left unemployed, due to which our country went many times backward and to compensate with everything, it will take many efforts and times. From now on, many companies and offices has started to provide work from home jobs to increase the employment sector. It is a great help for everyone.

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