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  • Edutuber

    June 5, 2021 at 6:35 pm
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    Human body consists of 70 percent water and 30 percent other stuffs. We would always try to keep our body in perfect condition. For that we would often take bath twice a day, brush teeth after we wake up and before going to bed ,some may brush their teeth after every meal. We have to maintain personal hygiene to keep our body in top condition. Not only bathing and brushing teeth, but washing hands after using toilet, combing hair, drinking only boiled water and cooked food, avoid walking or becoming in contact with contaminated water bodies and unhygienic surroundings, cutting nails etc are some common practices to keep our outer physical body clean. But only very few of us maintain internal hygiene. We have to look after our internal organs also. Internal organs include brain to kidney. Each organ needs proper care and maintenance for its well being. Circulatory system can be purified and boosted by consuming fruits like pomegranate ,carrot etc. The main point to be considered is avoiding junk foods it is not only good for the circulatory system but also for the digestive system. Digestive system needs to work hard inorder to digest the nutrition less junk foods. Another better habit is to avoid using tobacco products . From paan to cigarette ,it causes deadly diseases from asthma to cancer. It is very good to avoid alcohol too . But some medical researchers have found that consuming alcohol at very minimal levels is not bad for health. But many researches suggests that avoiding alcohol is the best solution. Maintaining regular exercise and stress relieving methods are the best option for maintenance of a healthy body.

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