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Activity Discussion General Discussion Discuss about leadership management. Reply To: Discuss about leadership management.

  • Edutuber

    June 5, 2021 at 8:11 pm
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    Leadership is a main criteria that companies look for when they conduct interviews. Leadership Is

    important in every aspect of life. Ever team needs a leader. Every society needs a leader, What is the

    difference between a common member and a leader? The difference lies in the behaviour of people

    itself. There are specific characteristic traits which are unique to the leaders. Let’s analyse these traits

    one by one

    1. Must be a good speaker

    A leader needs to be a good speaker. ldeas from the group needs to be convinced to every member of

    the group. A leader who doesn’t have necessary grasp about how to explain ide as to the group cannot manage a group.

    2. Must be a good listener

    Conveying the ideas is a necessary skill but a leader cannot formulate the group if he cannot manage

    the queries and suggestions from the group. Lets consider politics, a person cannot become a good

    political leader if he doesn’t consider the queries of media and public

    3. Must be witty and well aware

    A group cannot achieve its full potential if they are working under extreme mental stress, the leader

    needs to be cool and witty, so that every member of the group can approach him/her for relief and


    Must have good planning and ability to execute plans

    A leader must have good plannings about future of the group in his mind. This pan should consider the

    suggestions of the members. The leader must have the potential to execute the plans within the


    Punctual and sincere

    A leader needsto be a role model to the group. He/She must be aware of the fact that the

    performance of the group lies on his/ her shoulder. He needs to be punctual and sincere, nobody would like a person who lies.

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