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  • Aruja

    June 5, 2021 at 8:25 pm
    Not Helpful

    Whenever we talk about freedom we always say that moving out from the house and about wearing what we want and making our own decisions, do whatever we want to our life are the basic things in freedom. but we never actually focus on what is the mental effect when we hear word freedom. nobody talks about how to get mental freedom. freedom from jealousies, freedom from judging someone, freedom from negative thoughts, freedom from being judgemental towards other, judging others by just looks, talking behind their back. Once our society need freedom from these things and then automatically all the things that we say that boys are allowed to do whatever they want and girls are not will automatically disappear when we throw away all these kind of thoughts from your head because we are the part of the society and we know that how much the society affects the mind of a single person. Who made these things that girls should not move out of the house at late at night but there is nowhere officially written this thing if we put this thought in our head that this is not about not moving out in the night only for girls but for boys as well because it’s just not safe and if you want to enjoy its for both because both have the right to live their life like they want. so we should first get freedom from all these bad thought then automatically our life style would be changed and then our surroundings and then the people who live in our surroundings and then slowly and gradually many people will start thinking that first improve your mental freedom, make your mind open, have free thoughts that anyone can have there own choice, respect everyone’s choices and they will respect yours. if they don’t respect then you can say that this person is bounding me, this person is not mentally free. but if their respecting your choice you should respect their choice because respect goes both ways and Society is also a kind of relation between people as we live in the same Nation so to maintain every relation there is a very basic thing that is respect. it doesn’t matter if you like them, what you think about that person but it actually what you show to them because there can be millions of thoughts in your head but what you show to them is what they see who you actually are. so as a conclusion there is no such thing that girls are not get in freedom and boys are getting more freedom or girl should get what she deserves or anything, is just about the freedom of your thoughts and you have no right or responsibilities that you have to put effort in making someone Mind free. no, you have the responsibility to make your own Mind free, do whatever you want unless it is making you happy and you are making sure that nobody else should be offended by. but if they are getting offended without any reason just by seeing you happy ignore them and it doesn’t matter who they are your family, friends, relative, anybody, if they cannot see you happy, you as a free minded person you doing whatever you want to do with your life then they are absolutely not good for you because they are not respecting your choices and most importantly when you haven’t said anything to them regarding your choices for them.

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