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Activity Discussion Essay Patriarchal society Reply To: Patriarchal society

  • Manpreet

    June 5, 2021 at 8:32 pm
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    We are living in a patriarchal society, a society governed by men, where men are supposed to work and woman are supposed to be found in kitchen. With time the delusion of perceiving a woman just in the kitchen changed. Now she is ‘allowed’ work after marriage, ‘allowed’ to live her dreams and passion. Oh, allowed! Why does the society thinks a woman needs to be “allowed” what a man is supposed to do?

    We talk about gender equality. But we belong to a society where a woman is being judged on each step. She no longer eats after the men have completed their super, but she still cannot put her ideas into words or actions.

    No wonder how efficiently a lady could work, she will face trouble during the times of promotion in most of the companies. I am not talking about all the work firms but yes, most of them do raise a question on her personal life and issues. A man, too, has a family back at home. He is never being judged based on his personal life. Why?

    No wonder whatever a woman does or tries to do, she will always be questionable. Why don’t we question men?

    This society is controlled by men. Where a man’s opinion matters the most to the family, a woman is made to shut up ’cause she’s a SHE! We still live in a society where a new born baby girl is considered to bring burden while a baby boy is welcomed with celebration. Female infanticide and abandoning girl child is still being practiced. No matter how far we have reached in the name of development , this orthodox hypocritic believes are instilled in the minds of people. The reason being, we belong to a society where young boys are not being taught the basic moral values about respecting a lady in most of the families. What they learn is how the ladies are ill treated. Well not all families practice the same but most of them do. The reality being girls are safe no where – neither mentally nor emotionally or sexually!!!!

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