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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is unity important in team? Reply To: Is unity important in team?

  • Aruja

    June 5, 2021 at 8:35 pm
    Not Helpful

    Of course unity is very important in any kind of team in any field because it is very famous thing that you can break a single pencil but cannot break a bunch of pencils. so please remember that when you are working in a team your dreams are just not your dreams as a individual,but that dream is of your whole team as a individual. you should consider your team as individual whose target is very clear and you all working on that thing together. so it’s very important thing when you work in a team you should respect each others choices, we all know that in any relationship the very basic things that require to even talk to a stranger is respect. Respect goes both ways, you give respect take respect. it’s very simple concept. Hear their opinion, discuss it respect their choices because of course they are not stupid that they made a choice there must be some reason that they stated something. it’s a very simple thing that team make the dream work. because if you are working in a team there is something special that you cannot do alone, you need support from each other, you need guidance from each other to work on a single dream, to achieve them, so you should always make sure that you take everybody with you together and you work with everybody together.

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