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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Edutuber

    June 7, 2021 at 12:34 am
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    To be honest, this needs multi level assessment. A specific group o society may find online education as inadequate while some people find it useful. Insome fields like arts and language, online education can be recommended since no practical work needs to be done at the laboratories. But for some subjects like science and medicine, online education is not at all suggested. Only hands on training can produce a better student or scholar at these subjects. Some theoretical portions of these subjects can be taught using digital Medias. For example, the names of the pathogens which cause specific diseases can be taught through online methods. But since medicine and engineering are mostly practical subjects, lack of physical training would cause the quality of works made by the student. A mechanical engineering student cannot grasp the functioning of different parts of engine through online classes. He/ She needs to understant the various temperatures inside the block, type of substance used for building block etc. But at the time of a global pandemic like Covid -19, life is more necessary than quality. It is better to stay at home and attend online classes still conditions improve, even though some universities are pressurizing students to attend online classses and to give exam offline. What is the necessity of attending online classses then? Vice chancellors do need to understand the gravity of situation. It is better to conduct exams for those students who are opted for non professional courses since they don’t have to involve in any practical assesments. The other positive aspect of online courses is that students would get more time, since they can avoid the loss of time due to travelling. This extra time can be used to learn new courses or even a new language

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