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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on child labor. Reply To: Write an essay on child labor.

  • Shivani

    June 7, 2021 at 9:14 am
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    Child labor is a term that you may have heard in the news or in movies. It means crime when children are forced to work at a very young age. It is like expecting children to do tasks like working and fighting for themselves. There are certain policies that set limits and restrictions on working children.

    Child Employment Article

    The average age for a child to be ready to work is considered to be fifteen years and older. Children who fall below this age limit will not be permitted to indulge in any form of forced labor. Why is that? Because child labor deprives children of the opportunity to have a normal childhood, a good education, and physical and mental well-being. In some countries, it is illegal but nevertheless, it is a far cry from total eradication.

    Causes of Child Employment

    Child labor occurs for many reasons. While some of the reasons may be common in some lands, there are specific reasons for specific areas. If we look at what causes child labor, we will be able to fight it better.

    First, it happens in countries with high levels of poverty and unemployment. When families cannot earn enough, they put their children to work to earn enough money to survive. Similarly, if older family members are unemployed, younger ones should work in their own area.

    In addition, when people do not have access to education they will eventually put their children to work. The uneducated only care about the short-term consequences which is why they put children at work so they can live now.

    In addition, savings in various industries is a major factor in child labor. They hire children because they pay less for the same work as adults. Since children work harder than adults and also earn less, they like children. They can easily influence and use them easily. They see their profit only which is why they involve children in factories.

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