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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on child marriage. Reply To: Write an essay on child marriage.

  • Shweta

    June 7, 2021 at 11:06 am
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    Child marriage ensures the stupidity of people who encourages such act. Compared to today’s time, earlier time was more crucial in the context of child marriage. The legal age of marrying a girl is 18 years and a boy is 21 years. marrying the child before this age is child marriage, which is totally illegal. People who promote this act only thinks about their responsiblity which has been completed by them but they don’t realise that they are spoiling the lives of two.

    According to be in a relationship of marriage, the two needs to be responsible towards the family and themselves. The children who are not even matured are tied in a knot of responsibility of families , spoils their lives. The real age is to study at that time, watch out the world what exactly it is and get matured, after being responsible and standing at their own legs, one can marry so that they can understand their responsibility well.

    This mostly happens with a girl child, the girl is being forced to marry at the very early age, mostly after their completion of std 12 studies. This is because a girl’s marriage is being taken as a burden to indian families that is the reason why small girls are being tied up by aged men.

    But we should understand that if a girl success by studying and getting a job, she will fulfil all her responsibilities. If she is self-dependent, and anyone leaves her, she will not be someone’s burden. So we should promote girls in studying and making them a good personality instead of worrying about a marriage in a small age.

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