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Activity Discussion Essay Relationships Reply To: Relationships

  • Shweta

    June 7, 2021 at 12:05 pm
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    The relationship is a pure word which means making together the people and families. The relation of ours plays a very vital role in our lives as because it is our relations which makes our good days filled with joy and happiness and the same with the bad days, relatives are the one who encourage us to remain strong and helps us in every situation. Every relation of ours is beautiful but it depends on us that how we deal with it. Some relations are made by god and many are proposed by ourselves because we feel that a person can make our life beautiful.

    The family relations are made up by god and we all have our blood relationship which we need to accept from our whole heart because at a time everyone can leave you but your blood relationship are always with you no matter what the situation is.

    The friendship relationship is made by us. It depends on us that what kind of friends we make. We have a special friend who is very loyal to us and this relation is very above because we can share our feelings from this. This pure relationship should never be broken and hence it needs loyalty.

    The marriage relationship between the two. The two people marriages and it’s not only the relation of two people, it’s the relation between two families. The love and support given to each other to make each other’s life beautiful by living together.

    Every relationship needs loyalty and trust. A single mistake of yours effects your relationship and hence the trust issues occur. It does not even take a single minute to break someone’s trust and loyalty and end up the relationship. We should be very thankful to god for giving us such a blessing. Rather, we should respect that and be with that.

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