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  • Ishita

    June 7, 2021 at 12:49 pm
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    Contribution of Technology in Education

    Technology is the best gift for human kind. Many difficulties and problems can be easily solved by the use of technology. The best technology provide us us with many varieties of mobile phone. Mobile phone is the best thing we get from advance technology. Mobile phones make easier and earlier work for us. It save both time and effort at the same time. Mobile phone make our education system so many easy. Many difficulties of studies can be easily solved by it. Specifically in this pandemic period studies are based on online. So this way technology contributed so much in our studies. Their are so many different kinds of video calling or class room app by which we can give or take class it is called online class. Online class is the way to move forward our education in this difficult time. It can also help us to not losing hope in life as we all are now isolated can’t talk or spend time with anyone. Talking with teacher can make us motivated in this situation. We can also continue our studies. It helps us to be positive and energetic in every situation. But it’s is helpful to us also before pandemic situation. Many students can’t afford tutions and proper coaching for studies, but through this technological development they able to get proper guidance. Technology has also become an integral part of many curricula beyond the technology classes. Their are so many education website and platform which help students to improve their skills. Technology make education exciting, and straight forward, which resulting better in students learning experience. In many ways technology is a blessing for us and it’s contribution towards education in the one of biggest reason of it.

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