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  • Ishita

    June 7, 2021 at 2:54 pm
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    Effect of deforestation

    Deforestation is when trees are started removing to make room, Mankind cutting or removing trees on order to use the land for commercial property or some other reason it usually done for having profits. Deforestation has been around for million of years since the Ice Age. Most of deforestation happen for agriculture purpose.Modernization or urbanization is the main reason of deforestation. Trees are cutting down for building making or many more things. Deforestation is ok until a tree plant against a demolishing of tree. Main causes of deforestation is urbanization and modernization. For making building trees are cutting down. Sometimes frames cut trees for agricultural purpose to find land for farming. But most of the time deforestation causes a very dangerous effect on the environment . As we all know trees are the main resource of life. But if we continuously cut trees without plant trees it we causes a deadly effect in environment and mankind. Deforestation is the main causes of global warming. Trees consume Carbon dioxide from which is a green house gas from environment which make our environment heathy. Green house gas can warm the weather. The continuous cutting down of trees can increase the level of green house gas in environment which causes global warming. There no way to stop climate crisis if we can’t stop deforestation. Deforestation also effect on the life of the wildlife animals. The animals and birds are live among the forest. Cutting down of trees can destroy their habitats. It make the soil infertile. Soil is the only way to make crops and grains for our living. It also causes many pollution like soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution. It can disrupt the water cycle and carbon cycle which causes a very harmful effect on mankind, animals and environment. We must spread awareness and try our best to stop it. If we want to save our environment and want to live a happy healthy life then we must stop deforestation.

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