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Activity Discussion General Discussion Education leads to success Reply To: Education leads to success

  • Tejasri

    June 7, 2021 at 5:41 pm
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    Education is very important in every individual’s life as it is very important for the living. The person who is educated will be well treated by the society and will you have good potential wherever he or she goes. Education as the extra energy to the individual’s life and a moles the individuals character into a good one. It is very important to be educated as the competition in the world is comparatively very high.

    Teacher is very important mouthing the students behavior and making the student to succeed in all the aspects after the parents. Teachers play a very important role in making the student perfect and make them to understand the need of the situation. Teachers help the students to reach their desired goals and in any situation teacher motivates a student to get up and stand in all the ups and downs. Like that of the mother and the father, the teacher also feels equally happy when their student acheives high in their life and when they reach their desired goals.

    And individual without education is like a bird without the wings. Education adds the extra energy or experience in a particular field or an aspect. If the person aims to be a good businessman or something else, the person must be well educated in the respected field and must purchase good amount of information from the field.

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