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Activity Discussion General Discussion Newspaper reading Reply To: Newspaper reading

  • Mahima

    June 7, 2021 at 6:22 pm
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    Reading a newspaper is very important as it helps us in gaining a lot of knowledge. Newspaper is a very important document in major peoples life. It is a very reliable source of knowledge, as anything printed in it has a credibility value.

    We get to know what all activities are being carried out around us in the world. Students who are preparing for competitive exams can learn current affairs from them.

    We also learn about many aspects of politics, economics, the entertainment business, sports, and other topics. Newspapers also assist us in our job search. The majority of businesses advertise job openings in newspapers.

    Newspapers, above all, aid in the development of a person’s vocabulary. Reading a newspaper may help you learn new words and improve your grammar. A person reading a newspaper may also converse fluently on a wide range of topics.

    Unfortunately, despite its numerous advantages, the practice of reading newspapers is fading. People don’t bother picking up paper since technological gadgets are handier.

    Everything has gone digital and instantaneous. People no longer read newspapers because they feel they merely report what they have already been told.

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