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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • tanya

    June 8, 2021 at 2:07 am
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    “The pen is mightier than the sword” is one of the proverbs that we have been listening since our childhood. The bigger the thing, the better it is- this is not the case anymore. The symbolic significance of the pen is much greater than the sword. The main point is both of these things cannot work on their own- they have to be operated by someone. Someone has to pick up the sword to fight a battle. And similarly, someone has to pick up the pen to write something that can be really informative and helpful for someone else.

    During India’s Independence, some people took up swords and fought over the streets against the British oppressive rule while some people took up the pen and wrote the history and difficulty of the condition. Both of these people gave an equal contribution to society. Both of them had their unique different ways of contributing to the country.

    People have even brought about the changes with the use of a single pen than with a sword. A philosopher, Karl Marx, had written about the oppression of the working class by their seniors and had also inspired many people to fight and rise above this issue. Had he not written about this problem, people would not be able to overcome the problem and continue getting suppressed by their seniors.

    Let us take the example of Gandhiji. He always believed in non-violence. He did not take up any arms to fight against the British. Rather, he stuck to his idea of non-violence and followed it. And his contribution was a major one to the freedom of the country. Had de decided to take up swords and take up a violent role, the situation of our country would have been much worse and there would have been much more destruction.

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