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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My favorite Book. Reply To: Write an essay on My favorite Book.

  • tanya

    June 8, 2021 at 2:47 am
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    It is often said that books are the best companion a person can ever have. They are the greatest source of information and provides knowledge to the person who reads them. They ought to inspire us to achieve many great milestones in our lives. Reading books, as they say, improves our vocabulary and also enters the deep soul within us. Reading books is my favorite pastime. Whenever I have to board a train or a flight, I always carry a book with me so that I do not get bored and my journey gets more informative.

    I have read many books but the biography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam remains my favorite. The name of the book is “Wings of Fire”. I have read the book twice or thrice. This book is all about Kalam’s success and failures throughout his life. He fell many times in his life, but then he knew how to get up and move on in life. While he was in The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), he faced many challenges in life. Some challenges belonged in his professional life while some were his personal losses. He wanted to a scientist but instead got an engineering degree. There were many times when he failed as an engineer where he could not get the missile to work and had to face humiliation. There was one man in his life, whom he admired the most in his life. And his death was a major setback for Kalam. But he knew the nation needed him, and had he become weak at that time, he could not have been the most remembered person in the country. He is also called the Missile Man of India. He has great achievements in his life, but also he had lost many things at the same time. But he did not get weak. He stood up and moved on.

    There was a time in my life when I became a little weak in life, and reading that novel gave me an immense level of motivation in life. He truly is an inspiration for many of us!

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