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Activity Discussion Essay People we come across Reply To: People we come across

  • Shweta

    June 8, 2021 at 11:08 am
    Not Helpful

    There exists many kinds of people we come across in our daily lives. Our whole populated india consist of every kind of persons we’ll find. Wherever we go, it may be our workplace, entertainment, schools, colleges etc., we find people with whom we talk and become friends. But the thing here needs to be understood is, people with whom we meet and make them friends or our close one should be done in a careful manner because not everyone we meet are good and loyal.

    Firstly, we can find people who are good and loyal by heart. These kind of people are understood, but we should not judge anyone blindly, henceforth, we should judge them and then make further decisions of making friends or not because not everyone who makes you feel good can be a good person. Learn to understand the difference between the good and bad.

    We meet even people who wants to cheat us or trap us. We should be aware by these kinds of people and if we feel something wrong, we should cut the relations off.

    We even meet helpful and nice people, we should make relations from them and cut off all the toxic people from our lives.

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