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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to control mental stress? Reply To: How to control mental stress?

  • Shweta

    June 8, 2021 at 11:41 am
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    Controlling mental stress is one of the most important factor of life in this busy world. The competition arising in every field whether it is a office, business or studies, there exists a lot of stress in our lives and we need to relax our mind to lead a healthy life. Henceforth, the stress cannot get lesser, but we can add some measures and habits which can reduce our stress and anxiety.

    Firstly, we should add exercise in our daily routine. We should do exercise everyday. It keeps us healthy fit and fine. Apart from that, it provides calm to your mental health and keeps you active and fresh.

    Secondly, we should have a healthy eating diet. In taking of more caffeines like black coffee, dark chocolate are rich in caffeine which helps to reduce anxiety and mental health becomes stable.

    We should also stop over thinking. Many people think about their past and stress out. We should not think about it, rather we should learn with it and make our future and present better.

    Be yourself. That is, make your own personality. Don’t copy others, it will make you disappointed or proud. So start living your life with a positivity so that no stress can effect you.

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