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Activity Discussion Environment How do noise pollution affect quality of air? Reply To: How do noise pollution affect quality of air?


    June 8, 2021 at 12:05 pm
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    Causes of Noise Pollution

    1. Industrialization: Heavy pieces of machinery that are used for industrial purposes in major cases. There are responsible collectively for such loud noise levels. Other than that the there are other components like exhaust fans, grinding mills that add to the cause.

    2. Poor Urban Planning

    Urban areas are majorly crowded. The crowd leads people to gossip, shout and create lots of chaos. Thus might seem feeble but when chaos is created collectively over a period noise pollution occurs.

    Moreover, party bars and pubs have loud music playing all night. They add to the element that causes pollution as well.

    3. Transportation

    With the growing population, the transportation facilities are improvising as well. The improvised transportation gives a noisy mess to society. This includes train noises, buses, airplanes, and many more.

    4. Construction Activities

    Construction is surely one of the leading activities that contribute immensely to noise pollution. There are loud levels drilling machine, breaking breaks, plumbing, etc that creates one of the loudest noise.

    Effects of Noise Pollution

    1. Hearing Problems

    The human hearing level is restricted too. They can hear up to a certain level only.

    Thus excessive loud noises can affect the eardrum portion and cause permanent loss of hearing or deafness.

    2. Psychological Issues

    Psychological health takes a toll when people are exposed to loud noises daily. This leads to unnecessary rage, professional behavior, anxiety, and hypertension.

    3. Physical Problems

    Multiple physical problems might arise in any humans including headache, migraine, irritation, and many more.

    4. Sleeping Disorders

    The sleep cycle and sleep pattern totally get disrupted with noise pollution. Sleeping requires a much calmer environment in general.

    Normally, a good sleep cures many of the problems.

    5. Cardiovascular Damages

    There is a sudden blood pressure rise, and direct damages to cardiovascular tissues are also made. The stress also creates much pressure. If not taken proper care that can cause a cardiac arrest too.

    6. Trouble Communicating

    A communication gap is encountered here. A lot of mess and difficulty talking and discussing situation arises.

    7. Effect on Animals and birds.

    The hearing level of animals is much different than the of humans. The pets in the household crumble under high pressure. The birds are dependent on the sound for locating. For animals, sound is an important aspect. However, when there is noise pollution and cause they could not identify their respective sounds and fulfill their needs. Moreover, exposure to loud noises affects them physically as well. They can even turn permanent deaf.

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