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Activity Discussion Science & Technology  List three energy sources that are considered to be inexhaustible. Reply To:  List three energy sources that are considered to be inexhaustible.

  • Aruja

    June 8, 2021 at 2:53 pm
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    Air – We all know that air is a mixture of many gases and from all the gases oxygen is the only gas that human need to survive and if oxygen is not present in the air many other gases will be there so if the air get polluted still there would be some gases present into the atmosphere which will be here forever. It may not be the fresh and inhalable air, it will be polluted but still air will be there. So it is inexhaustible.

    Water – We all know that one third of our Earth is covered with large water area and that is the saltwater. The oceans, seas these kind of large water bodies are present. Although we cannot use this water, but still water is present no matter if it is usable water it has got polluted. Due to the occurrence of water cycle and it is not possible to stop the water cycle that’s why water will be there on the earth forever.

    Sunlight – It is very obvious that sun is a different star which give the heat and light energy through its rays to the earth and there is no connection of humans to the sun. That’s why it is uncontrollable that how much sunlight can reach to earth. So as long as sun will be there in the solar system the sunlight will continuously reach to the earth.

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