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Activity Discussion Essay People we come across Reply To: People we come across

  • tanya

    June 8, 2021 at 6:21 pm
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    We come across many people during the course of our lives. These people can either be our parents, relatives, friends, co-workers or may be totally unknown to us. We have learned that every person who comes into our life directly or indirectly teaches us something. Every person that approaches our lives leaves a long-term impression on us in either of the ways. Some people are always generous with us, some are aggressive, some are friendly while some don’t have any interest in your life at all.

    I have encountered many people in my life. It is said that generally people younger than us, who we consider do not have much experience in life, also teach us some of the important stuff in life. We learn from every person, be it younger people or elders.

    I met a person named Akhilesh. He did not speak much. But as they say, actions speak louder than words. He changed the lives of many people. rather, he changed the lives of many young souls. He used to give coaching to young students, mainly to the students of class 11th and 12th. He then opened a coaching center where he had appointed many teachers and students from class 5th to 12th were taught there. Apart from that, he also opened an NGO where he used to teach children who belonged to poor families. He was an inspiration to me in many ways. I was also a part of that NGO. I was appointed as the mentor for those children. We used to play with them and teach them moral values. We also had lunch with them every Sunday afternoon. He had arranged for a caterer who would provide us with the food and we would serve those children and sit and eat with them.

    He was the inspiration for most of the people out there. People like Akhilesh should be appreciated who involve in selfless things like this.

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