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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the important things kids these days are missing due to technology? Reply To: What are the important things kids these days are missing due to technology?

  • Anushree

    June 8, 2021 at 9:36 pm
    Not Helpful

    Technology is a very important element for the world to grow and discover out the brand-new offers which this world provides us, but everything has its proper time and anything done ahead of time always results in unwanted outcomes. Similarly kids these days are too much engrossed in the technical world and thus are losing the essence of their roots which is not at all a practice to be encouraged. The tender age should be engaged in physical activities to promote both physical and mental growth more they come outdoors and experience things of a real scale the better it is for them to know this world but today everything is so virtual and kids are also adopting the virtual simulations and somewhere the originality is missing.

    They are also subjected to obesity and improper mental development; technology tends to make them impatient and they loose control on themselves and are carried away by influencers in the online platform. They are getting exposed to a lot of content which is not supposed to be there for their age, they are becoming arrogant and are not ready to compromise at any cost. Technology also impacts on family bonding to kids and develops loose ends.

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