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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on social media Reply To: Essay on social media

  • Aparajita

    June 8, 2021 at 11:32 pm
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    Social media as grown over the years. It was not given as much of importance as it is given now, in this era. Earlier it was considered as sheer wastage of time. People involved with social media were not treated as deserved until unless they belong to the news department. People back then did believe the news channels and newspapers, but social media as a concept was not yet in main line.

    One must wonder, then when did social media actually grow? The answer is right in front of us. Social media platform has grown over the years after the year 2000. It was just after this year when the people made their presence on social media. Over the years since then, there are significant facts we see about social media that existed before and are still active while some facts that are totally new and bold as a concept.

    Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, youngsters find them in a whole new space via the social media. These days most popular social media frequently used by almost more or less than 70% population are facebook, instagram and whatsapp. Others apps like the news readers, editing, and snapchat too have grown tremendously.

    People all over the world get an easy access to explore different things and get in contact with new people. Some people even have started online business while some earn money via such media apps by providing demanding content. The picture till here looks pretty desirable, until we see the other side of the story, where false information is circulated in order to defame, community feelings are hurt at times intentionally, rules are broken, privacy is broken, threats and hurting messages are floated.

    Everything has a boon and a bane, its our job to see the good in the darkest of space and make sure of our safety and security above anything. Freedom needs to be enjoyed with equal or more responsibility.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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