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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is technology harmful to humans? Reply To: Is technology harmful to humans?

  • Shweta

    June 9, 2021 at 5:27 pm
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    Everything used in a limited manner gives you advantage. Excess to anything can give you bad results. Technology has been acting as a boon for a society and our whole world. The best proof to show that science is excelling in the field. Everyday, the new inventions of technology and the updates to the older ones is being helping us a lot in every manner. We cannot deny the fact that technology is helping us in every possible manner. The use of technology and the advantages of it are taken by the child to the old age people.

    Technology among students

    In this pandemic situation, technology has helped a lot in continuation of the studies of students. The advanced applications in the society allowed the schools to arrange the online classes for students to interact and study together. Without technology, it would not have been possible to continue the study in this pandemic situation. The usage of google, chrome and other sites helps them to enhance their knowledge skills and hence everything becomes easy for the students.

    Technology for entertainment

    Without any work in the lockdown, people cannot sit idle for the whole day. In order to entertain themselves, the technology has helped a lot. The television and the mobile phones containing you tube channels made the people busy in their homes and due to which people can sit at home.

    Technology in household

    The technology in the houses has made our life so easier that the works are being done within a minute and due to which we get a lot of rest. So in such situation, we cannot say that technology doesn’t help us. Rather , it gives us more. The knowledge of it should be kept by every individual so that they can use it anywhere and anytime.

    Only the thing needs to be kept in mind is that excess to anything gives you bad outcome. Same with the technology, people should not use it in over manner. Everything should be used in a limited manner to get it’s positive outcome.

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