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Activity Discussion Environment Cactus. Reply To: Cactus.

  • Shivani

    June 9, 2021 at 5:53 pm
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    Simple molecules such as water can be absorbed directly from the environment, but other types of sugars, it is very large and difficult to use.

    Even if this were not the case, it would be difficult for the plants to find exactly what sugar they need, are available at all times for the environment.

    Instead, they prefer to create their own, with the help of the three main ingredients are: carbon dioxide, water, and light.

    The source of carbon is carbon dioxide, which is essential for the process of photosynthesis.

    The cost of building materials, as well as the natural world.

    This element creates the key ingredient in all of the sugars produced by the plant, and it can be said that all of the other parts of the plant!

    Plants get their carbon dioxide from the surrounding air, so that the trees and other plants, and is an important part of helping to remove excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    In the water, it is absorbed by the plant, principally through the roots, and the split-up of the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen in order to function as a source of chemical energy, in the actual synthesis process.

    Water is a source of hydrogen, and it is the second main ingredient is sugar.

    The light energy is absorbed by the plant, by its chloroplasts.

    Since most of the plants growing in well-lit areas, the advice is to be clear about what the light is that they can be used for this process.

    Some of the wavelengths of light better than the photosynthetic reaksiyalarında or the other; hence, these waves are absorbed.

    They do not work well are usually also in the fact that it is a green-and the array of the light is reflected, so the plants are, in general, and the chloroplasts of plants and in particular, look at the green.

    Plants that don’t live in sunny areas, can be as much of a picky eater.

    Why, you are going to see the plants in the shade, dark blue in place of green, and some of the deep seas, the plants are almost black.

    They absorb the light waves, and the reflection is not very much.

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