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Activity Discussion Environment What are the structure and functions of any one of marine ecosystem? Reply To: What are the structure and functions of any one of marine ecosystem?

  • Shivani

    June 9, 2021 at 6:10 pm
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    Rocky reefs

    Rocky reefs are one of the special characteristics of the temperate coastline in the world. They support diverse and productive communities, animals, and algae are important ecological links to other environments. To understand the structure and functioning of the intertidal and subtidal rocky reefs has been the main focus of a marine scientist at the university for more than a half-century. In our current research, the use of modern technologies compared to its work.

    Soft-sediment estuarine ecosystems

    Estuarine, coastal soft-sediment hotspots of ecosystem functions and services. “Our study is to examine the ecosystems that operate on a different scale of the biogeochemical processes in the sedimentary rocks of the interactions between ecosystems and the restoration of the components.

    The environment and the acoustic sensor

    The marine animals, using a set of sensory, communication, and navigation of the sea. Our main focus is on the acoustic ecology of camouflage in order to understand the role of the under surface of the water the sound plays in the life strategy of marine animals. We will be looking at the impact of the human voice, which may mask or interfere with those of the acoustic-mediated approaches.

    The marine mega

    The marine mega frequently have major predators that can have a significant impact on the ecosystem, and related species. Our research is conducted in the north-east of New Zealand and around the world. We are a well-integrated strategy, which aims to understand how the mega respond to the biotic and the abiotic effects of time and space.

    Attracting maggots

    The larvae of processes is important for the organization and operation of all marine ecosystems. Even so, their meanings, and they were surprised to find, that can be understood. Our research aims to increase the knowledge of the larval stage, the biology and recruitment of the staff.

    A genetic link

    Gene flow, the relationship is mediated by the stability of the dependency, and a number of marine communities. Our research has been focused on improving our understanding of where, when, and to what extent the genetic relationships between the populations and societies will occur. In turn, we try to understand how it is created and maintained.

    The processes in the open sea

    In our research, following the model of the natural ocean circulation, the abundance and distribution of marine organisms, and the chemical elements that are necessary for life in our oceans and seas. Contains many citizen-science program, which aims to document the diversity of life in the open ocean.

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