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Activity Discussion Environment Organic farming Reply To: Organic farming

  • Shivani

    June 9, 2021 at 6:13 pm
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    Organic farming is a farming, which uses an environmentally friendly ziyanvericilərlə control of the plant, biological fertilizer, which is mainly plant and animal wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops. The modern organic farming is the form of a response to the environmental damage caused by the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the traditional agriculture, and there are many environmental benefits.

    In comparison with conventional farming, organic farming does not use pesticides, and reduce the amount of the soil reduces the nitrates from the soil and surface water and to recycle the waste back to the house. These advantages have to be balanced by higher food costs for consumers, and, in general, the lower the yield. Yes, the total yield of organic crops, and have been for about 25% lower than that of the traditionally-grown plants, although this may vary considerably according to the type of crop. The challenge for the future of farming is going to be the preservation of its benefits to the environment, the raising of productivity, and lower prices in the process, and to address the challenges posed by climate change and a growing global population.

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