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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is technology harmful to humans? Reply To: Is technology harmful to humans?

  • Anushree

    June 9, 2021 at 6:29 pm
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    We live in the technological era, today almost everything is being run with technology and it is because of these technological advancements that we are able to witness so many man made wonders all around the world. Be it the smart phone we are using or the medical facilities we experience everything is fueled with technology. In this generation of Artificial Intelligence and Big data live has become so much easier with the diverse range of technologically advanced gadgets and solution to every problem of ours.

    Everything comes with its own advantages and disadvantages similarly technology even gas its own positive and negative perspectives; it is true that it has reduced physical activities and this has given birth to one of the most serious medical problem that is obesity but sidewise it also saves a lot of time for us and we should be wisely planning our live styles in order to keep ourselves healthy. Also, technology has a great impact of children and they tend to do everything by auto simulator which is not at all a good practice for them as at that stage they require to work out problems in order to ensure a healthy mental growth.

    Technology is surely a boon to us now it lies in our hands that how do we use it.

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