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  • Anushree

    June 9, 2021 at 6:45 pm
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    Already the pandemic has created a lot of mental imbalances among all amidst of this attending long hours of lectures sitting in front of the LED Screens turns out to be really tedious and also leads to irritation in the eye and other eyesight related problems, also this is making them a subject to obesity. Students also face a lot of problems regarding network connectivity which frequently disconnect them from the class and when the student re-joins, he/she has already missed on a part which results in incomplete education which is very harmful. The worst condition is for the subjects which require hands on experiment, there are online simulators and softwares but they do not match the level of the physical mode, as a result of this students remain unknown of the challenges which can occur if were practically perform something and this makes them incompatible for real job. In education there are many things which require a physical interface and cannot be demonstrated with a mere webcam. This online mode also barges in between the teacher-student relationship which is a fundamental requirement, students generally are not comfortable asking away doubts if there is no bonding between them and such doubts pile up to create misconception which is not at all advisable. Also, school, colleges and other educational institutions provide the students with an environment to study with all students around studying or indulged in some educational activities inspires many and also boosts their confidence level which is not possible to create at home. Another important problem is that it is not possible to nurture is social or life skills through these online teaching-learning platforms.

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