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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on social media Reply To: Essay on social media

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 9, 2021 at 9:54 pm
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    Social media plays a key role in our life. In the present condition the world is stuck in front of corona viruses and fight back, social media helps us a lot. Our government gives instructions and advices using the social medias. We are in our house in the past one and half years. We can’t go out and met people. But using the social medias, virtually we can do most of all things that we does when we go out. It helps us to have a complete social distance. Social medias is a virtual world and we are living virtually there. We have many friends who won’t see in our life. But we know virtually. By using internet and social medias, we get telemedicine system so that we don’t go to the hospital for treatment. They ensure telemedicine, tele counseling etc.

    Our education system and job are also struck. But we found a temporary solution to do it with the help of internet and social medias. For the students, they may not be able to attend the whole classes. But there is a group of website helps them to get the topics and get more classes freely. For job seekers,they can be able to search jobs and apply easily. As spending more time in the house, people tries to make new foods, they approaches the medias to get the recipes for the food. Social media helps us in entertainment. Have games, movies, songs, web series etc. From any language or any time we get it easily.

    As like a real world, the virtual world too have many problems. The users don’t know who were monitoring us and take our personal information for their gain. We can see in the news about the social media threats. This is decrease only by our control. Tries to avoiding the sharing of personal information. Don’t choose unwanted messages and friends suggestions. If we trapped in their hands it is very difficult to get out of it.

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