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Activity Discussion Essay essay on the proverb prevention is better than cure Reply To: essay on the proverb prevention is better than cure

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 9, 2021 at 10:57 pm
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    Proverb have different meanings based on the situation that we are used. Proverb is a sentence that have a euphamistic sentence. Can used indirectly in a situation. That doesn’t hurt or feels the listeners. This types of proverbs are introduced by our ancestors and it is hand over to next generation as in oral form. Based on the culture, geography, lifestyle the proverbs take changes.

    The proverb, ‘prevntion is better than cure’ is used in our daily life. We can relate all things that happened in our daily life. Most of the meaning is based on the way that we use. At reading this proverb in first time we get a idea related to health sector. All people faced or faces any health issues in their life. Most of them are created by our own mistakes. If are tries to avoid those mistakes we are easy to handle it. Taking a medicine or treatment is not an easy task. We suffer a lot. We needed to change our normal routine when we take a medicine or treatment. Eat food at correct time, can’t do special works etc that based on our health problems. Some people think that take medicine and treatment is very easy. They take it only after the situation goes to worse. Based on our time may the doctor says that it is very bad situation that can be control with treatment. If we took a early precautions it helps our life.

    This proverb can be relate to other situations. While we taking a sudden decision check its all sides. And clear the negative impacts. It is better to clear all things before it goes to a worse condition. May we can’t do anything if it became worse. At that time we recall the time that we took the decision. So don’t make a chance to recall it.

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