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Activity Discussion General Discussion Joint family is better than a nuclear family. Reply To: Joint family is better than a nuclear family.

  • Shweta

    June 10, 2021 at 6:22 pm
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    In today’s modern world, the nuclear family is being promoted the most. The wish of joint family has been decreased and valued very less in today’s time. Earlier, everybody used to live in the joint families but now everyone wants their personal space, that is the reason why this generation has been mostly influenced to move on at other place to live after marriage. They want themselves as the couple and their children and noone else with them. The love and bonding between brothers and every families seems to be conceived very less in today’s time.

    If we live in a nuclear family , and some problem arises maybe it can be a medical problem or some accident occurs in a house, then the couple is forced to think whom to call and what to do because they need a helping hand at that time and their they live alone. Whereas living in a joint family, whenever you need anyone, the whole family will come and share your problem without any saying.

    While being in a nuclear family, mostly the men and women are working. They keep servant for a child and we all know that a servant will work for money, they can just take care of but the good habits, manners and etiquettes is being taught by the family. If one lives in a joint family, there is no need to worry because you believe your family us with a child and you can go anywhere without any worries. The love and care of grandparents for children is also required the most.

    Living in a joint family, the child learns to live together, respect everyone and every time they are surrounded by people with whom they can talk laugh share their joys and sorrows but in the nuclear family you will feel bored because not everyone can live in such a silent place.

    Living in joint family teaches to respect your youngers and elders and live together in peace and harmony which is needed to live a fruitful life. Henceforth, we should promote living in joint family.

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