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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How thallophyte is different from bryophyte? Reply To: How thallophyte is different from bryophyte?

  • Manpreet

    June 11, 2021 at 12:00 pm
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    Both, thallophyte and Bryophyta belong to the category of cryptogams of the Kingdom Plantae. These are plant like organisms that do not produce flowers or fruits. Furthermore, they are seedless and reproduce through spores. Their cell walls are made up cellulose and are mainly autotrophs, i.e., produce their own food (like actual plants). Although, both thallophyte and Bryophyta belong to the same category, they do show some differences.


    · These are non motile organisms

    · The plant body consists of thallus

    · These are autotrophic and thus, prepare their own food

    · They store their food in the form of starch

    · These lack vascular systems

    · They consist of single celled sex organs

    · Examples – lichens, cyanobacteria, fungi


    · These are also flowerless plants

    · The plant body is divided into root like, stem like, leaf like structures

    · These live in shady moist environments

    · These also lack a true vascular system

    · These show alteration of generation, i.e., a true and prominent gametophyte could be seen in the life cycle

    · Examples – liverworts and hornworts

    · Liverworts – contains thallose like structures and Hornworts possess horn like sporophytes

    Following are a few differences between the Bryophytes and Thallophytes –

    · Thallophyte, as the name suggests, its body is a thallus whereas the plant body of Bryophyta is divided into stem like, leaf like and root like structures. (mark the word ‘like’ as they are not the real root, stem or leaves)

    · Thallophytes live in aquatic environment or on rocks or on snow, whereas Bryophytes can survive only in aquatic environment

    · Thallophytes are unicellular, whereas Bryophytes are multi cellular

    · Thallophytes do not show any alternation of generations whereas Bryophytes show alternation of generation. They also possess true gametophytes.

    · Thallophytes lacks the formation of embryo after fertilization whereas Bryophytes forms embryo after fertilization

    This was a summary of the Thallophytes and Bryophytes including their characteristics and differences. I hope this helps.

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