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Activity Discussion General Discussion what is the major reasons of poverty in India? Reply To: what is the major reasons of poverty in India?

  • Aruja

    June 11, 2021 at 3:45 pm
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    India is a very large country with huge population. It is also the second country with largest population after China. India is the the country which is developing speedily in many different field and it is rarely seen that Indians are not progressing around the globe. But the matter of fact here is that poverty is also there on a large scale in India, where India is a economically strong country or developing country. Then why there is a lot more poverty in compared to other less developed countries, for the countries which are not as big as India there status in the poverty is better than India so what is the major reason behind this let’s discuss.

    The lack of education – there are still many parts in India where education is not considered as a basic rights of any children. In many families who are living under poverty, they consider their child as a source of money but not considered that they should get the basic right of education. What happens in those family is that, they send their child to do work instead of schools, they think that sending their children to school is a waste of time, energy and of course they think that whatever they do they are gonna end up like us because they think that their child cannot have the equal opportunity as the child of the upper class people.

    The solution for this problem is that people should properly educated about it that everyone get equal opportunity and there are many policies and government made rules that states that government will support the education of your child and will help your child to grow.

    Inappropriate working system of India . So the thing begins within the private school. It is the reality that a child is always taught to score good marks. If you are not scoring good marks that means you cannot do anything in your life, but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much you you teach a child, but it depends what a child learn. If you are teaching a child maths and if he wants to learn English then there is no way that you can make him/her teach what he doesn’t want to learn and the fact that your whole future is dependent on the the result sheet makes a child into a worker rather than making them independent. Nowadays schools are teaching a child how to be a worker, a labour to a big company and satisfy their dreams in less also they have the potential to be the owner of the company. Still they settle themselves down in less by working in the same company because they have been taught that once you have what satisfy the world you don’t need to to work more.

    The people who are already poor thinks the same way, that they themselves end up Being a employ, a worker under someone and so their children would be and then there is no point of sending them to school because they have seen it themselves.

    The third and the most important reason of poverty in India is that the local citizens the people who live under the poverty doesn’t have any ideas about the opportunity through out the globe. They just know what they have been seeing throughout their life. They don’t know what are the new things that are coming, that can help them overcome that poverty and there is no such organisations of government’s potential that we can see that they put to make those people who live under poverty aware that there are a lot more opportunities than they think, that there are less people to Grab those opportunities. You can work throughout the globe and earn money. But the only thing is that people don’t know about it and that is what meant by Digital India. But we know that half of the population live under poverty and financial problem so they don’t have time to explore because they are afraid to do that, there just want to stick to the traditional earning method that if you don’t have money work in a Departmental Store, work as a delivery man or a local service provider, they never try to think out of the box because it don’t want to take risk and they want a quick earning and the fact that government don’t support the thing that poor people need money to live and at the same point government want them to explore and that’s not possible.

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