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Activity Discussion History What Is “Sati Daha Pratha”? Reply To: What Is “Sati Daha Pratha”?

  • Aruja

    June 11, 2021 at 5:01 pm
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    Sati was considered as a religious practice that was done by the orthodox people in the old time before the British era came to an end. As in the British Era the British government abolished this Sati practice which we can consider was the one of the best decision of the British government. So the Sati was a practice in which the widow whose husband has died due to any reason, the widow was not considered as a pure lady anymore and people think that there is no point of living when a woman husband dies. So people used to burn the widow alive in the slack of burning woods and this was such a brutal incident to witness by any one who is educated and has humanity in them because burning someone alive is absolutely not a thing when the person has not done anything. Just because their husband is no more, their right to live only people used to take away and kill them basically this was a very common practice in the ancient time.

    This practice was considered as a religious practice so no woman never spoke up against this because they all were always so much dedicated to the religion that nobody want to break any religious believe.

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