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Activity Discussion Essay A day without mobile and internet. Reply To: A day without mobile and internet.

  • Shweta

    June 11, 2021 at 5:59 pm
    Not Helpful

    Noone, especially the today’s generation can imagine their life without mobile and internet. Even according to the moods, not even for some days , one can imagine. People are so acquainted of the internet and mobile phones that they feel like nothing without it. It has become the part of our life, watching videos and movies, social media apps, talking on phones etc. Has made everyone used to it. If I would be getting a chance to live one day without internet and mobile phone, I would have done it and taken interest in other activities as well.

    Admiring the beauty of nature

    If I would be one day without my phone, I would wake up early to see the sunrise and the in the evening , the sunset. I would love to admire the beautiful scene of these. I would even admire the natural beauties by standing in front of the beach or river with a calm mind.

    Helping my mother in a kitchen

    The next thing I would love to do is to help my mother and talk to her while working in a kitchen. By this, I can even learn to cook dishes. Or I can do is to give rest to my mom for one day and I would handle the kitchen for one day. This can be done as well by me. Cooking is really a very interesting activity one can do.

    Reading novels

    I would even prefer to read novel and enjoy my own company. As reading novel improves the english vocabulary and I can as well practice on my speaking skills. I can study my course and textbooks as well without any distraction.


    I would love to exercise in my free time and make my body active and energetic, so that a day without phone shall not gets wasted in sleeping.

    Without phone and internet one day can give your mind a calm and beautiful relaxation and you can give time to yourself without any distraction. You can atleast experience it once a day.

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