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Activity Discussion Essay Write on ” A catastrophe is on our way if we don’t learn from our mistakes.” Reply To: Write on ” A catastrophe is on our way if we don’t learn from our mistakes.”

  • Shweta

    June 11, 2021 at 6:37 pm
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    This is a true statement that a catastrophe is on our way, if we do not learn from our mistakes. Our mistakes are the part of our path which teaches us to improve our future by learning from it. Mistakes are necessary to know about our goods and bads.

    Mistakes should never be tried to hidden off.

    Mistakes happens by everyone existing here. There exist many people who tries to cover the mistake of their child, brother, and other family members. This is the reason why that people gets encouraged. For example: if a criminal boy murdered someone, but no actions were taken against him because his father has a political power, then the boy gets saved and inspite of learning from his mistake, he will be encouraged and he will do more crimes because his mind exists a fact that he will be saved.

    But the right thing should be done was to leave the boy and let him suffer for the crime he has done so that he can feel guilty and realise his mistake and choose a right path from that time onwards.

    If a child fails in the subjects, they are forced to repeat the class, it is not because he is punished by this act,but because to realise a mistake of not being serious in studies and he realise his mistake and will be promoted to the next class the next year when he will work hard and score better marks.

    Mistakes teaches you, so instead of hiding it, improve them, so that you can be successful in your life. There is nothing to feel ashamed off, everyone makes a Mistake, so in order to be good, work on your mistakes so that it shall not be repeated.

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