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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My first Visit to zoo Reply To: Write an essay on My first Visit to zoo

  • Mahima

    June 11, 2021 at 7:03 pm
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    It was a cloudy day on Sunday. I went to the zoo with some buddies. We noticed a large throng as we reached the main entrance. Some were buying tickets, some were conversing, while yet others were sitting in the shade of the trees. We entered the zoological park and came across a lovely lake with some aquatic birds like ducks and swans swimming in it.

    It’s a lovely sight to see the white ducks on the water’s clean surface. We got to the enclosure where flying birds (fowls) were kept as we progressed. They included sparrows, eagles, and parrots, as well as many colored pigeons. The birds were singing and chirping. It was beautiful music. It was a lot of fun for us.

    There were lions and leopards, tigers and tigresses in the next cage, and their roars were loud. We got close to the net. We were startled as a lion charged at us. Their ferocious expressions were terrifying. We came upon a yard with stags and deer frisking around after viewing them. These creatures were just stunning. There was a large tree in one of the garden’s corners where monkeys and baboons were leaping. Their pranks and stunts were hilarious.

    When they were provided food, they instantly came down to accept it. Others harshly rebuked children and adults who tried to harass the animals, saying, “What if someone teased you like that?”

    Our next stop was to an aquarium that piqued our curiosity. There were also a lot of aquatic birds kept there. Fish of many sorts and colors were present. It was a beautiful sight to see them wriggling in the water. There were several additional aquatic creatures. We came across polar bears which appeared unhappy and lonely just outside this fence.

    It was the black bear’s cage that drew such a large crowd. The bear performed a variety of stunts that enthralled the audience. Some others brought him food, which he quickly consumed.

    Then we had some food and beverages, which helped us feel a lot better.

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