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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on Digitalization Reply To: Essay on Digitalization

  • tanya

    June 11, 2021 at 8:39 pm
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    Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to build a business model and provide new revenue. It is so much in trend these days as it makes the lives of people much easier. When an organization moves towards digitalization, it is actually making things easier and faster for the public.

    Digitalization has made human life much easier than before. It saves our time and even money. If we see, buying anything online would cost us a bit less than if we buy the same thing from any retail store. It has made our life much effective. We can pay our bills just with a touch. Earlier, for paying our electricity bills, we had to stand in long queues, which was time-consuming, people had to take leaves from their offices just to pay electricity bills. And now, just with a tap on our mobiles, we can skip those long queues and pay the bill with a touch.

    Earlier, we had to go to the shops for getting our phones recharged, now we can do that just by sitting home in a second. PM Modi had also promoted digitalization in our country. After that, every small shop and every street vendor also started using digital methods to accept payments. When demonetization was in effect in the country, only these digital methods could help all of us in leading a better life. When we had to book movie tickets, we could just skip the long queues and instead book tickets online.

    Even if we take an example of the pandemic, people can order groceries, vegetables, and all the important stuff by sitting at home and they don’t have to take any risk by moving out of their homes. Even we can pay the amount online and have contact-free delivery.

    In short, digitalization has made our life easy, saves our time and money. We don’t have to spend more on fuels to travel places. Getting work easily done is a part of digitalization.

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